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Hey I'm Jaiden and I guess this is my blog. Sometimes I draw and post photos of myself. Please read my about page! My friend code is 1220 - 7841 - 5882
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    Let’s Player Zodiacs

    Aries - Lordminion777

    Taurus - Cr1tikal

    Gemini - Cryotic

    Cancer - Markiplier

    Leo - Micheal Jones

    Virgo - Ray Narvaez Jr

    Libra - Lewis Brindley

    Scorpio - PewDiePie

    Sagittarius - Ian Hecox

    Capricorn - Jack Pattillo

    Aquarius - Captainsparklez

    Pisces - Toby Turner

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    Gurren Lagann means a whole lot to me because the basic premise of Kamina’s catchphrase is:

    "Wow, you don’t believe in yourself? I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way, but I believe in you. If you believe in me, too, we can support each other where we need it the most. And maybe someday you’ll see in yourself what I see in you."

    And thinking about that makes me tear up, not gonna lie.

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    How do you expect to outrun me when I am already here? 

    I am so done with Tumblrs re-sizing. ;____;) 

    Click for better resolution! 

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    your best interest in mind

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    Knight of time.

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  • what the fuck is mr pickles and why does it exist

  • She’s got a weave

  • Introducing Phantom of The Opera!

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